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Feb. 24, 2019, 11:22 a.m.


Just finished listening to the podcast, and loved it. Thought I would post you my unedited (heavily edited) version of my University Sweetheart.

Ok, so I started first year of university, in Halls, but not my own university halls. I applied late, and got palmed off to another nearby halls, for a small college campus that had massive amounts of accomodation. As one of only a few, who didn't go to the college, we had a bit of a seige mentality, and all became close. One of the girls from the flat downstairs was super pretty, and I became quite close with her. It wasn't fast, but she was way out of my league so made sense.

I actually first wasn't really that interested, but I think she had a bit if a "challenge complex" and found the fact more interesting to try and get me to like her. Anyway, clearly after I did get interested, I was blinded to any querks she had, because I was smitten.

As things progressed a bit, the guys would mess around, and noticed I rarely locked my door, when I would go out for the night. This brought on some pranks.

So one morning, I went to my closet and all of my underwear had been stolen. So I went down and said to them, funny, can I have it back. None of them laughed, which is usually an alarm bell that the prank isn't them, but this was everyone. So no one confessed, I went commando for a few days thinking I'd have it returned, but nothing showed up.

After about a week, I was chatting with one of her friends, and she told me that the girl had taken it, and didn't think that even she knew about it.
One of the querks I had been missing, was she was a bit if a kleptomaniac, which none of the others missed. It took about 2-3 weeks, but the underwear did show up, in front of my door, with no explanation. We never spoke of it.