June 2, 2020, 4:43 p.m.

After a long break from dating, I decided to put myself out there again and I figured online dating was the way to go. I started talking to this guy named George. He seemed perfect! He was tall, handsome, intelligent and we shared the same beliefs. I work at a gold mine in interior Alaska for two weeks at a time, so we decided to meet each other when I came home. Instead of a simple coffee date, George invited me to a ceremony where he was receiving an award for being the best in the branch of the military in my state. I thought it was too intense of a first date but my friends insisted that it would make a great story one day and convinced me to go. The award ceremony was a black tie affair and luckily I had a full length black dress in my closet. Unfortunately, it was a bit too big and too long, but I did not have time to get it fixed. My Nana and best friend bully me into letting them chauffeur me to my date and pick me up at the end. As we pulled to the curb, my Nana yelled at me to get out of the car when a big group was going in. I wanted to wait until the group was gone, but my Nana's persistence forced me out. After awkwardly standing near the group that was being talked to, I saw my date and stood next to him, waiting for the opportunity to introduce myself. After this awkward start, we went down the stairs for cocktail hour. As we were on the escalator, my dress got caught in it! I start to panic on the inside but I don't want my date to find out. When the escalator flattened out for the 2 seconds at the end, I yanked my dress out and somehow it came out without any rips or tears. Phew. We go into the cocktail room and my date is so quiet and awkward. To make it worse, a guy I knew from high school was also there and he was just as awkward. One of the servers took pity on me and told me that I would look so beautiful with another glass of wine in my hand. I must have looked so uncomfortable. I ended up having a longer conversation with my states Senator's husband than my own date. To give George a little credit, he was not talking to anyone else. When we got to the dinning hall, George and I were placed at a front table with a bunch of strangers. The women were very nice but kept asking if he was my husband, what we did for Valentine's day, etc. As the night carried on we had to stand up and applaud many times and my dress kept getting caught under the chair. The longest speech was about an hour by the head of the Air Force. Because of all the moving up and down, my Spandex rolled to the top of my thigh and was cutting off circulation. My leg was throbbing so bad but I felt like I could not leave from one of the front tables during the head of the American Air Force's speech! I tried to casually slip my fingers in between the now tourniquet and my upper thigh. When the man paused his speech, the Spandex slipped out of my hands onto my skin making a loud snapping sound. I was mortified to say the least. I could not stand to look at the people around me, let alone my date, so I stared at the speaker intensely. When the night was finally over, I stood with my date and waited for my Nana and best friend to come pick me up. By this point I wanted to get out as quickly as possible, but I still realized the humor of the night and asked George to take a picture with me to capture the uncomfortably. After 20ish minutes, I see them and give my date a side hug. Neither of us have talked to each other since.


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