Sept. 23, 2018, 1:27 p.m.

So maybe not the best story but getting it off my chest to a bunch of strangers seems like the right thing to do.

Until a few months ago I was engaged, and we'd been together for 5 years. Coming out of that, even though the actual break up was pretty amicable, is terrifying. I've not viewed women as dating material or whatever in such a long time, and a lot of the girls I know equally don't see me in that way. Enter online dating.

Not having a huge amount of luck, but a cute looking girl messages me and we chat for a bit, then she asks for my number and then she asks me if I want to meet. Her taking the initiative was really helpful, I could stand to put myself out there but the thought of actively pursuing someone was terrifying, saying yes to someone else's request on the other hand was a lot easier. So I go to see her (I live in Edinburgh and she was in Glasgow), it's a bit awkward at first, but she's cute and sweet and after we have a drink the conversation really flows so we make plans for her to come see me in Edinburgh the next weekend.

Now in the week in between I started a new job, and obviously we all went to the pub on the Friday night, where I may have had a tiny bit more than I should have. Come Saturday morning I have a pretty minor hangover, get some water in me, we're meeting in the middle of the afternoon so I should be fine. She says she's hungover too, so it's fine. We meet in town, I suggest getting some greasy breakfast food (I hadn't eaten all day) so we get a couple of rolls and go to sit in St Andrews square, a big public square in the centre of Edinburgh. We're chatting, things aren't maybe going as well as they did the week before, but it's still ok.

Until I take a bite out of my roll. I instantly know that I'm going to be sick. I think I can hold it in but about a minute passes and I realise there is no way that I can hold it in. I kind of apologise, tell her I'm going to be sick and get up heading towards a tree, thinking it's the best spot. I don't quite reach the tree, and stupidly put my hand over my mouth, which just covers my hand and the bottom half of my face in vomit, I get the rest out by the tree and realise I'm in public 30 minutes from home, with my face and left hand just covered. I don't have any napkins or anything, and I'm a bit panicky.
I go over to this dad who is out with his kids (who are a bit away from him thankfully) and ask if I can have a tissue, which he hands me with a look of absolute disgust and I manage to get my face and hand kind of clean.

Amazingly she hasn't run away (something we both joke about) so I go back to apologise again. I know that I've ruined things but I didn't just want to disappear on her, even though I definitely should have. So I get back to her, and she wretches a little bit and points out there is still vomit on my jacket collar literally about 3 inches from my face. I wretch a little bit too, get up and head round by the trees again, wipe the jacket on the grass and go back with it over my arm. We chat for a few more minutes and then I head home. She said that I should head home for a bit and get cleaned up and we could maybe meet up later for dinner, but that was just her being nice.

She did actually text me in the evening asking if I was ok, she's a very sweet girl, but that was the last time we spoke. I also haven't gone back to St Andrews square since.
I hope it goes better with whoever she dates next, and that they don't , you know, through up in a public park in the middle of the afternoon on a date.


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